More data, more insights, lower costs

Splunk users with limited budgets use Graylog2
to collect 70% of their IT machine data
for operational intelligence

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Use 30% of your budget for 70% of your data

Reduce your license costs to zero with the open source and OSI approved Graylog2. Save money for hardware with the flexible pre-processing model that transforms all your data when it is received to allow extremely fast searches on fewer resources.

Intelligent data processing and distribution

Use a range of input types to collect any data. Use filters to refine what comes in. Create “streams” to categorize data for analysis and apply user access rules. The Graylog2 API then distributes the data to the Graylog2 web-based analysis tool, Splunk, or any other destination of your choice.

70% of the log analysis features you use in Splunk

Graylog2 has powerful real-time text-based search, basic analytics, dashboards, and flexible alerts.

Splunk alternative Event log Log management