Centralize all your log messages

  • Collect terabytes of log messages
  • Process in real-time
  • Search and analyze in seconds

Collect all the data you want

The machine log data from servers, applications, network hardware, sensors, and other sources comes in many forms. Graylog2 provides pre-built and custom input options to capture any data you need.

Graylog2 is Open Source

The Graylog2 data processing model

Process and securely share access

Graylog2 allows users to apply grouping and filtering rules as the data comes in. This enables faster analysis, and provides the mechanism for user access control and forwarding to other systems, if desired.

Discover real-time and historical insights

Use Graylog2’s powerful text-based search, graphing tools, dashboards, and flexible alerts to gain the operational intelligence you need.

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