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Production version

Graylog2 consists of three different software packages: graylog2-server, graylog2-web-interface and the optional graylog2-radio. The packages below are the most recent production-ready releases. Every download is available in different package formats on the following page.

A graylog2-server instance is accepting and processing your log messages. It also spawns the REST API that for example graylog2-web-interface is using to retrieve data.

Version: : 0.91.1
Released:  17 October 2014

The graylog2-web-interface is accessed via your browser and allows you to perform searches, analysis and also to configure a lot of Graylog2 runtime settings. It is also based on Java and running on the JVM.

Version: : 0.91.1
Released:  17 October 2014

A graylog2-radio instance can be running in front of your Graylog2 setup to buffer messages on a message queue like AMQP or Kafka. This component is optional. Learn more about it in the documentation.

Version: : 0.91.1
Released:  17 October 2014

You can find a complete list of releases including pre-releases like betas and release candidates on the bottom of this page.

Quick setup tool

Want to get a complete Graylog2 with all dependencies up and running in a few minutes? Our quick setup tool will do this for you and guide you through the process by asking a few questions.

Download quick setup tool Quick setup tool guide

Packages & Images


We provide official DEB and RPM packages for all Graylog2 components. Read more about where to get and how to use them in the documentation:

Graylog2 packages documentation

The following images are not maintained by us. Please be aware that they might be outdated. We recommend to check them against the currently released production version.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) AMI images

There are EC2 AMI images provided by ITOC Australia that allow you to spin an EC2 instance with Graylog2 in a few minutes. It comes with a setup wizard to you don't even need to SSH into anything. Get started now!

Vagrant box

There is a Vagrant box for easy local testing of Graylog2. Vagrant allows you to create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments. Spin up a box now.

Docker image

Christian Kniep provides a Docker image that allows you to rapidly spawn up a Graylog2 setup. Get it here.

Snapshot builds

Do not run the snapshots in production! They are meant for testing upcoming releases and might contain serious bugs! Use at your own risk!

All releases

This is a complete list of all releases, including pre-releases like betas or release candidates.

File Released at
graylog2-server v0.91.1 Oct 17 2014 16:53
graylog2-server v0.90.1 Oct 17 2014 16:09
graylog2-server v0.91.0-rc.1 Sep 23 2014 13:50
graylog2-server v0.90.0 Sep 23 2014 12:49
graylog2-server v0.20.6 Jul 18 2014 00:00
File Released at
graylog2-radio v0.91.1 Oct 17 2014 16:53
graylog2-radio v0.90.1 Oct 17 2014 16:09
graylog2-radio v0.91.0-rc.1 Sep 23 2014 13:50
graylog2-radio v0.90.0 Sep 23 2014 12:49
graylog2-radio v0.20.6 Jul 18 2014 00:00